We are Consulting

We will navigate you through the benefits that mobile, analytics, cloud and social technologies can bring to your business. We will assist you in decision-making on how to increase your operational efficiency and generate new business capabilities.
Our solutions will allow you to:

Enhance Customer Experience

… by gaining the right customer insights based on information derived from internal systems, such as CRM, from the actual use of products and services, or from analysis of customers’ day-to-day on-line behavior in the social media.
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Optimise Operations and Business Processes

… by automating and standardizing your processes through cloud-based business processing platforms, such as ERP or CMS, as well as by continuously improving operations through analysis of accumulated operational data.
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Digitise the Organisation

… by shaping digital ecosystems and data-driven platforms that integrate value chains, set-up virtual communities for co-creating products and services, or allowing employees to work together in a collaborative way that breaks down departmental silos.
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Our Services and Products

Our solutions capitalize on the high-quality services and products offered by Athens Technology Centre SA (ATC) for over 25 years. Our solutions will transform your business activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities offered by digital technologies.

Software Development

We use distilled experience and experts to offer custom software development services. Having acquired ISO 9001 certification since 2000, we provide a broad spectrum of value-added services on widely used Technologies.
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System and Technology Integration

We offer a broad spectrum of system integration services including Enterprise Process Automation, Workflow Management and Data Insights & Business Intelligence.
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Information Access, Integration and Analytics

Our solutions and products will support access, integration and analysis of content through engagement, education, empowerment, or entertainment.
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Research and Innovation

The ATC Innovation Lab carries more than 25 years of successful implementation of innovative Research and Development projects.
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Near-shore Outsourcing

We provide individual experts on demand as well as dedicated development teams to help your in-house team or cover specific technical needs and expertise.
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Human Capital Management

We have experience in implementing customer-focused and pertinent Human Capital Management solutions.
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Contact us

Avenue Louise 54, 1050 Brussels
Tel : +32 (0) 2 895 6026
E-mail: contact@atc-intl.eu